Our Voices: Meet Steve, Director of Construction

Throughout our Comcast Western New England Region, we have thousands of technicians, engineers and other team members who are working to deliver our fast, reliable next-generation network every single day. In addition to innovating and increasing speeds for our customers, we have been expanding our Xfinity and Comcast Business products and services to new communities.

Locally, one of the team members working on these expansions is Steve, our Director of Construction. Steve has more than two decades of experience working at Comcast and has seen how our fiber-rich network has evolved and grown over the years.

We asked Steve to tell us more about his career and some of the projects our region is working on. Read on to see what he had to say:

Q: What is your role at Comcast, and what has your career journey with the company been?

A. This August, I will be celebrating 25 years with Comcast!

I am responsible for leading the team that ensures our services are available to both residential and business customers throughout our region, which includes bringing services to new customers through our network expansion projects.

I started my career with Comcast as an Installation & Service Technician in 1998. After a couple of years, I joined the Plant Operations team doing line maintenance work, before being promoted to Supervisor of Installation & Service, then Supervisor of Technical Operations for Comcast Business. After that, I was promoted to Manager, then Senior Manager, of Technical Operations, before taking on my current role.

Q: Where are some areas that Comcast has expanded to in the last year?

A. 2022 was a busy year, as we expanded our services to new areas of Connecticut, western Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. Some of our recent projects include:

Q: What is involved in expanding Comcast’s network to new areas?

A: There is a lot of coordination among our project management, engineering, construction and network maintenance teams once a new expansion project gets started.

While there are many moving parts involved – including mobilizing teams and equipment and planning and executing construction – it’s truly satisfying to see how impressed people are by our products and services when the projects are finished.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I love spending time with my family. My wife and I especially enjoy watching our daughter compete in track and our son play baseball. I’m also a Connecticut-based sports fan who couldn’t fully commit to a northern or southern sports franchise, so I root for the Boston Red Sox and New York Giants. Another favorite pastime is music. I’ve played drums since I was 5 years old and enjoy playing the occasional gig with other musicians when I have the chance.

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