Our Voices: Meet Carolyne, Regional Senior Vice President for Comcast’s New England Region 

Carolyne Hannan

Meet Carolyne, our region’s Senior Vice President, who was recently recognized by the Hartford Business Journal as a 2024 Woman in Business honoree. We asked Carolyne about her career with Comcast and why she’s proud to work here.  

Q. How long have you been at Comcast and what has your career journey looked like? 

A. My professional career spans 30 years in the telecommunications industry and I have been with Comcast for 20 years. I first joined Comcast as Director of Sales and Marketing based in Connecticut. As my career progressed, growth opportunities led me to oversee Sales and Marketing for Comcast’s Houston Region before I took on the same role for the Greater Philadelphia region.  In 2021, I was honored to bring my career journey full circle by returning to New England. I’m currently Senior Vice President of Comcast’s New England Region, serving customers across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont, responsible for operations including employee engagement, financial performance and the customer experience.

Q. What are some ways the region is investing in the needs of customers?

A.   The team is focused on providing our customers with the best products, including our smart, fast and reliable Xfinity Internet, our Xfinity X1 entertainment experience, Xfinity Mobile and our full suite of Comcast Business products and services. It’s also a priority to ensure our customers have an exceptional experience every time they interact with us, whether it’s through a technician installing our services, like Jacob in Southern Connecticut, or visiting one of our interactive Xfinity Stores and meeting with one of our experts, like Maranda, who oversees five Xfinity Stores in Connecticut.

Carolyne Hannan at Xfinity Store in Connecticut

We’ve also been expanding our fiber-based network in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, including to areas that were previously unserved or underserved. It’s incredible to see the transformational power broadband services can have on a community, especially when residents and businesses get connected for the first time and can finally videoconference or stream music and entertainment seamlessly as well as download important files in seconds.

Q. What is your favorite Xfinity product?

A. I’m constantly amazed by what our products and services offer for our customers, my household included. What I love using most is our Xfinity Internet. I use it for work, to stream shows and movies on Peacock and to catch up with family and friends across the United States. Our fiber-based network is not only smart, fast and reliable, it includes tools that allow me to more easily manage my network, including the ability to change my WiFi password or receive alerts about new connections on my home network.

Carolyne Hannan Volunteering

Q. What’s something that makes you proud to say you work at Comcast

A. I’m proud of Comcast’s many accolades. Recently, Comcast NBCUniversal was named #12 on People Magazine’s “100 Companies That Care” list. Comcast is an inclusive company that goes the extra mile to support and care for its employees and the communities we serve. We value diversity of people and ideas, and, through Project UP, are committed to working alongside numerous community partners, like Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, MetroHartford Alliance (CT), and Boys & Girls Club of Burlington, VT, to locally support diversity, digital equity, and small businesses.

Q. What is a quote about women in leadership that inspires you?

A. Virginia Rometty, former Chairman, president and CEO of IBM, once said, “I learned to always take on things I’d never done before. Growth and comfort do not coexist.”

This quote has really resonated with me as my career has progressed. In order to grow, professionally or personally, we need to venture outside of our comfort zones.

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