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Comcast Boosting Speeds For Our Most Popular Xfinity Internet Tiers In New England

For the second time this year in the Northeast, we are increasing speeds for our most popular Xfinity Internet tiers , providing an extra boost for customers in Connecticut, Vermont, western Massachusetts and western New Hampshire.

Beginning this week, new and existing customers will be able to take advantage of the following upgraded speeds:

  • Performance Starter from 50/10 to 75/10 Mbps
  • Doubling speeds for Performance from 100/10 to 200/10 Mbps
  • Performance Pro from 300/10 to 400/10 Mbps
  • Blast from 600/20 to 800/20 Mbps
  • Extreme Pro from 900/20 to 1 Gbps/20 Mbps
  • New Gigabit x2 tier in select markets for 2 Gbps/100 Mbps

Millions of our customers will benefit from supersonic speeds from the country’s largest Gig-speed network, Xfinity, which delivers reliably fast Internet, even at peak times when everyone is online, for an even better connectivity experience for streaming the latest 4K blockbuster, gaming online, videoconferencing and more.

Additionally, upload speeds will be doubling nationally for all Internet Essentials Plus customers, from 100/10 Mbps to 100/20 Mbps. Internet Essentials Plus includes a cable modem, access to millions of WiFi hotspots, and unlimited data for $29.95 per month; and customers who qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program can get this tier of service for free.

Looking ahead, we recently embarked on the largest- and fastest-ever multi-gig deployment in the United States that will make multi-gig speeds available to more than 50 million homes and business by the end of 2025. Our Northeast Division teams have begun enabling these upgrades in the Hartford/New Haven market before the end of the year. As markets launch, our Xfinity Internet customers who subscribe to xFi Complete will have their upload speeds increased even more – between 5 and 10 times faster. xFi Complete includes an xFi gateway, advanced cybersecurity protection at home and on the go, tech auto-upgrades for a new gateway after three years, wall-to-wall WiFi coverage with an xFi Pod included if recommended and unlimited data. In the Northeast Division, our customers have unlimited data and we have no plans to introduce usage based billing at this time. A new added benefit to xFi Complete is faster upload speeds.

More information about the industry’s efforts toward a 10G future can be found here. And go here, for more on our recent Internet speed increases.

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